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Self-Harm in youth. A new challenge? What can we do?

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Youth is a wonderful time in a person’s life. The person feels at the prime of life, full of colourful adventures. During youth a person discovers the beauty of life and all that it can offer.

But youth also brings great changes and new emotions that a young person cannot always cope with. These changes can serve to disrupt rather than help in the growth and development of character. They can upset what has been built with so much commitment and sacrifice.

A phenomenon that seems to have crept suddenly upon us is that of self-harm among our youth. What is leading to this? What are the reasons for this phenomenon? It is just a symptom of bigger problems? What are the symptoms that indicate that our youth are suffering internally and externally? These are some of the questions that we will explore during the educational meeting on the theme:

Self-harm in youth - Understanding and responding to this challenge

DATE:   Friday, 27th June 2014
(There is no football match on that day!!)

TIME:   6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

VENUE:  CARITAS - 5 Lion Street, Floriana (The back door of Curia)

SPEAKER:  Rose Galea, Psychologist

This educational meeting is open to the general public, educators, social workers and above all to parents who want to understand better this phenomenon since the number of young people who are suffering from and being affected by it is on the increase.

An eighteen year old girl will share her experience and disclose what brought her to this point. She will tell about the consequences and how she found help.

The purpose of this meeting is an educational one to help us understand what our children might be going through.
Admission is free

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