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It was a night of true love aboard the Air Malta Love Plane on Valentines’ day. Not only did a passenger propose to his girlfriend at an altitude of 14,000 feet but the plane’s captain also plotted a...Read More >>

  • One4all Valentine’s survey reveals hidden secrets

    One4all, Malta’s Leading Gift Voucher Company, conducted a survey and asked just under 500 people in Malta and Gozo how they really feel about Valentine. The survey which was open to everyone through a mail shot and through the One4all Malta Facebook page revealed some...
  • Take your Love to new heights with Air Malta

    Take your love to 14,000 feet this Valentine’s Day with Air Malta’s Love Plane Stuck for a unique idea to impress your better half on Valentine’s Day? Air Malta is planning a pampering guaranteed to take your love to new heights. The Air Malta Love Plane is back...
  • Should You Delete Your EX from All Social Media?

    Exes. Do you want him or her to disappear off the face of this earth? Or maybe just from your virtual world? Or do you still crave a little insight into the goings-on of their lives? If you fall into the former category, Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites...
  • How Does the Average Joe Feel About Gay Marriage?

    As the government gets ever-closer to passing a bill that will give gay people’s relationship an official status, IGGY FENECH asks the general public how they feel about the issue.
  • How To Get Rid Of An Obsessive Ex

    Sometimes, we make light of an ex who’s still crazily in love with us. After all, who can blame them? We talk with our friends about how they still get in touch, call us drunkenly declaring their undying love, or send flowers to our office. But sometimes, this desire...
  • Harmless Holiday With Friends but WITHOUT You: Would you let them go?

    A summer holiday with your friends usually means beach, sun, sand, partying and possibly a holiday fling… But what if you’re not single and what if you’re not the one going on holiday? Your better half is and they’re going with a group of their friends. For most...
  • What Do People Really Want In Bed?

    You’d think the answer to that is always ‘a jolly good rogering’ but IGGY FENECH asks people what they really want in bed. Many think that when it comes to making love it is all about faces contorting into oh-my-God-I-have-died-and-gone-to-Heaven expressions and the...
  • Can a Straight Man and a Gay Man Ever Be ‘Just Friends’?

    Let's get one thing straight, men (pun intended) – all gay men do not want to sleep with you. Unless you truly are an Adonis who no one can resist, that is… but in my experience this is not often the case.