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Think cosy and romantic in the bedroom Think cosy and romantic in the bedroom Splash out on champagne Splash out on champagne Leave a trail of little notes around the house Leave a trail of little notes around the house Candles create a romantic glow Candles create a romantic glow

Spice Up Your Valentine's – Ideas for the bedroom and beyond

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Having trouble trying to think of ways to light the passion fire? Melanie Vella shows us how easy it is to put a bit of zing into Valentine’s Day.

Let’s face it: it’s well accepted that Valentine’s Day is the most likely holiday to culminate in the bedroom. But that’s not going to happen unless you make a little extra romantic effort. So heres a few ideas to turn up the heat this Valentine’s Day… And we’re talking sizzling chilli, spicy and H.O.T.T. - HOT!

Leave a Trail - Build up the excitement from the morning. Spread out little cheeky notes or chocolates around the house: sprinkle some in the shower, the car seat, their laptop case or in their office. This will hint that they’re in for a fun-filled evening ahead. It will also give them the chance to have a little think about your payback too – crafty!

Light Up! – Aroma candles, incense; pick your flavour and watch the magic ignite between the sheets. Not only will candles create ambiance and dazzle his/her sense of smell, they also add a romantic glow which is far more sensual (and more forgiving) than electric light.

Decorate the Bedroom, and Yourself – Think cozy and romantic or silky and sexy. From sheets and pillows to your lingerie, your home deco and body deco will undoubtedly set the mood.

Woo Your Significant Other – Is he or she really worth it? Then get rid of the wine glasses and splash out on champagne. Not only will this create a warm, bubbly feeling, but it will lower your inhibitions and set the perfect tone for a night of fun and romance.

Be A Tease – Play a game together. And we’re not talking chess – unless it’s strip chess. For example, ask 10 questions to reveal raunchy secrets, or play cheeky truth and dare. This is a totally open, no holding back chance to get to know each other better.

Like the above? We thought you would! Now grab that glass of champagne and let’s raise a glass to a Happy Valentine’s Day!

We’d love to hear what makes you go weak at the knees. Is Valentine’s Day your perfect excuse to turn up the heat in your relationship? Let us know in the comments section below.

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