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Stress Management and Self-care

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Sedqa Prevention Services, in collaboration with the head of school Ms Mary Attard and the senior Mangament team of Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary, this morning facilitated a seminar for lecturers and adminstration staff of this post-secondary educational school, which was attended by around 250 participants. This seminar was part of Sedqa’s prevention programmes at the workplace, under the programme Substance Abuse-Free Employees (S.A.F.E.).

Tha aim of the seminar was to raise awareness regarding stress management, thus a number of workshops were also coordinated covering various aspects of everyday life and through which the participants could receive tips on such factor. The workshops, all facilitated by professionals, included the themes of work-life balance, alternative leisure, stress as a risk factor for addiction, dealing with bullying at the workplace, and also a self-care workshop.

Teachers and administration staff present for this seminar provided positive feedback about the initiative. One of the participants present commented that “it is a very interesting initiative which helps us on personal level and not just directly related to our daily teaching profession”.

All participants attending this seminar were presented with a certificate by Mr Jesmond Schembri, Sedqa Operations Director. Addressing those present, Mr Schembri commended the interest shown by the large number of participants for this seminar. He emphasised on the need for every employee, in this case staff who have direct or indirect contact with students, to maintain a healthy lifestlye mainly through self care, which ultimately will affect job performance and their overall wellbeing.

S.A.F.E. is a programme tailor-made for companies through which information sessions  are passed on to employees and management. Between January and December 2013, Sedqa coordinated 53 S.A.F.E. sessions for employees, reaching over 800 participants. A further 11 sessions were coordianted for management during the same period, reaching over 120 participants.

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