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Faux fur is never a faux pas! Faux fur is never a faux pas! Buttonless Coat Buttonless Coat The thing that goes best with patterns, are more patterns! The thing that goes best with patterns, are more patterns! Some classics never go out of style Some classics never go out of style Classic and simple Classic and simple

Top 5 Styles – Winter Coats

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Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but nothing beats a good, versatile coat in the running for top winter accessory. No matter what’s in vogue – no pun or product placement intended – coats are always an integral part of this season’s wardrobe – after all, what else completes a look quite so effortlessly? A good coat is, and should always be, one of your biggest buys of the season, especially because it is an item you will wear time and time again.

At DI-VE, we’ve compiled a list of the top five styles of coats that have taken this season by storm. So stand-by to stay warm and dry!

Patterned: If there is one style that has successfully gone from the catwalk to the high street, it’s the patterned coat. Prada’s influence on this year’s trends has been an astonishing one, and the reverberations of its somewhat psychedelic patterns can be seen in most clothing stores. Investing in a patterned coat is a sure way of turning your outfit into an all-eyes-on-you moment every time. Also, don’t forget: the thing that goes best with patterns, are more patterns!

Oversize Me: One thing no one can dispute is that winter clothes allow for that extra one or two inches round the tummy area without them showing. This year, the oversized coat is as in as the cuppa. Get yours in a block colour or pattern, it doesn’t matter, as long as it’s oversized. Nevertheless, there is one disclaimer: oversized does not mean two sizes too big - oversized coats are specially sewn and hand-me-downs from someone larger than you just won’t do!

Furry: Faux fur is never a faux pas! Get yourself a nice woollen coat with fur lapels or a fur collar, or go for an all-out furry top-to-toe coat. They are show stoppers! On top of that, they will keep you warmer than anything else this season, and they are amazing to the touch. A great way to get those lads melting at your feet!

Button(-less): They’re a staple every season, but this year some designers have opted to do without. Alexander McQueen, Co and other leading couturiers have showcased button-less coats. Some of them can still be done up, but others simply stay open revealing and outlining your outfit like a picture frame. Are you ready to be a work of art? That is the question!

Simplicity: Patterns, fur and oversize might be in, but some classics never go out of style. A classic and simple coat - in black, blue, tan or brown - will bring together any outfit. Invest in a good-quality one that will last you seasons on end. Jil Sander is the label that dominates in this department - simple, luxurious and beautiful.

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