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Valletta 2018 Foundation launches MOVE18

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The Valletta 2018 Foundation today launched MOVE18, a programme intended to generate interest among children and young people about Valletta, through physical activity, traditional as well as innovative games.

Addressing a press conference, during which children from St Gorg Preca, St Elmo Primary School participated, Valletta 2018 Foundation chairman Jason Micallef commended the initiative which weaves together two important values: historical and cultural appreciation while promoting active lifestyles.

Jason Micallef said that over the past months, the Foundation has worked to create and strengthen a network of entities, groups and individuals who have cultural heritage, artistic and cultural development at heart. This initiative sheds light on the value of collaboration which continues to guide the Foundation in the weeks and months ahead.

The Valletta 2018 Foundation is supporting MOVE18 because it encourages children and young people to learn more about the island’s history and culture while leading active lifestyles.

Over 2013, the Foundation involved 14,000 people directly by means of some 50 projects organised by the Foundation or in collaboration with public and private entities, among others. A total of 10,000 of these were children from various schools in Malta and Gozo.

Chairman Jason Micallef said that in light of reports regarding lack of physical activity in Malta, it is important to encourage children to take an active interest in exercise while discovering culture and history. Activities like MOVE18 continue to breathe life into public spaces, while reviving games of a time gone by, which often risk being lost.

MOVE chairperson, Cynthia Debono, explained the aim of taking an innovative look at Valletta’s history, in a way young people can associate themselves with. By means of traditional games but also innovative ones children will have the opportunity to be creative while exploring and discovering several different aspects of Valletta. She highlighted there are four MOVE18 programmes namely; Games in the City, Around Valletta in 80 Minutes, Once Upon a City and I spy V for Valletta. Cynthia Debono congratulated the children of St Gorg Preca College, St Elmo Primary School, who are serving as ambassadors, inviting children from around Malta and Gozo to explore Valletta.

The press conference was also addressed by Valletta mayor Alexiei Dingli. He noted that the local council is supporting such an activity which helps both Valletta children and others to discover Valletta’s history while having fun. One of the successes of the European Capital of Culture project is to leave a positive effect on children, who will be at the best age to appreciate this event in 2018.

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