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Women Want It All

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These days it is the norm for a woman to achieve whatever she desires and expects out of life. But how are men expected to cope with this?

A quote I oft bandied about in my younger years was: “Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition” (Timothy Leary). Whilst it was a progressive war-cry a couple of decades ago, it’s positively passé now. Women do expect to have it all… and then some more. We very rightly want equal pay and equal job opportunities, but we also want to be able to run a company, bring up kids, manage a household and have an active social life all at the same time. Some of us actually achieve this, thus proving that women ARE high-achieving multi-taskers. But where does this leave the modern man?

Here are some opinions from our readers:

Bettina, 38: “Sometimes I’m afraid that we are trying too hard to prove that we are better than men. So what if we can’t lift the same weights that men can or we can’t run as fast? There are other things we can do that they can’t – it doesn’t mean that we’re not equal. It is a matter of respecting each sex for its own merits. So really, I think we should stop vilifying men and allow them to find their happy middle-ground – just as we’re asking them to let us find ours.”

David, 29: “I’m a bit of a traditionalist and I really believe that men should look after their families and be strong role models. I’m not saying that women are weaker than men – in fact they’re so much stronger in many ways. Of course, that doesn’t mean that a man shouldn’t treat his wife or girlfriend with respect. It’s not old-fashioned – it’s showing respect! This doesn’t make me feel emasculated at all – in fact I think that I should be the model for modern men.”

Greta, 32: “I don’t really get this whole equality thing. I think that it’s a brilliant thing that men want to open doors for me and buy me stuff. Seriously, why are we complaining? It’s not like we’re chained to a kitchen sink. I actually enjoy being looked after sometimes. So if by ‘modern man’ we mean that men won’t look after their women in what I believe to be the traditional way – then I don’t think that that’s the right path for us to go down.”

Chris, 34: I love the idea that women want to do it all! I keep encouraging my partner to get a better earning job than me AND to run the house flawlessly at the same time. That way I can put my feet up and play on my Xbox. Equality be damned, I say!

Juliana, 25: “Modern men are so passé! Actually, men in general are. Nowadays if you have a sperm bank, a nanny and a toolbox you don’t really need anything else! Seriously, I don’t understand why we need to pigeon-hole genders – we’re ultimately all human beings and fighting about who is best or more useful to society is rather stupid. Men are men – whether they’re ‘modern’ or not – I just don’t happen to want or need one in my life!”

James: “Sometimes it scares me when women are aggressive. I understand that they feel that they were oppressed in the past, and I truly believe that men and women should earn an equal wage for the same type of work. However, nowadays I think that they are being too militant about wanting to be better and it confuses me. I’m never sure how to react. Am I going to piss her off if I pay for dinner and open the door for her? Or is she going to be offended if I don’t? I really think we need a guide book! Does one exist?”

We’d love to hear your views! Submit your comments below and tell us how you think men should cope with women’s role in society today.

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