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Full-time employment increases by 1.3%

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Persons registered as employed on a full-time basis in May 2012 increased by 1.3% compared to the corresponding month in 2011.

Administrative data provided by the Employment and Training Corporation indicate that during the month under review the labour supply increased by 1.5%. This increase was mainly attributed to an increase of 1,938 persons in the gainfully occupied population and a rise in the number of registered unemployed (+332 persons).

During the twelve months to May, an increase in full-time employment was mainly registered in the Administrative and Support Service activities together with the Health and Social Work sector; +7.3% and +4.3% respectively. Compared to May 2011, the Transport and Storage sector also recorded an increase in employment, mainly underlined by a rise of 35.4% in respect of employment in Land Transport activities, while Air Transport registered a drop of 16.6%. In contrast, full-time employment within the Manufacturing sector decreased by 1.3% when compared to the corresponding month last year.

Almost 73% of full-time employment fell within the private sector. During the month under review private sector employment increased by 2.1%, with the majority being recorded within Transport and Storage (+684 persons). During this period, fulltime employment within the public sector decreased by 0.9%.

In May 2012, female employment stood at 51,909, an increase of 1,548 persons, or 3.1%, when compared to the corresponding month in 2011. The biggest increase was recorded in Human Health and Social Work (+467 persons). When compared to May 2011, male employment increased by 390, or 0.4%. The Arts, Entertainment and Recreation sector recorded the largest share of the increase in male full-time employment (+323 persons).
During the month under review, both the number of employees and the number of self-employed rose by 1.4% and 0.4% respectively. The number of full-time employees within Arts, Entertainment and Recreation went up by 12.4% when compared to May 2011.

During this period a decrease of 293 persons in full-time employment within the Construction sector was recorded.

When compared to May 2011, total part-time employment increased by 6.1% reaching 54,370 persons. Part-time employment within Accommodation and Food Service activities increased by 9.6%, or 911 persons, when compared to the corresponding month last year.

Part-timers who also held a full-time job increased by 4.5% reaching 23,268. Persons with a part-time job as their main occupation increased by 7.3% to 31,102, with the most notable increase recorded among females (+1,208 persons).

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