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Garbage in Buġibba and Qawra to be collected after 08.30h

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Garbage in the areas of Buġibba and Qawra will now be collected after 08.30h after many protests that were made by the residents, restaurant and bar owners following a decision taken by the St Paul’s Bay Local to collect the garbage after midnight. That decision was taken in September.

The residents in the locality together with the commercial entities in the area had complained that due to the change in time the area was in total shambles. At the time when people were going out either to have a walk, meet up with friends or to go to some place of entertainment one could see garbage bags on every door step, bad odours prevailed, and pests and flies were everywhere.

Many could not understand why the decision to change the collecting times to midnight in a nightlife hotspot.

Replying to a Parliamentary Question put by Nationalist Deputy Ċensu Galea, Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi said that as from Monday October 15, the garbage collection in the Buġibba and Qawra area will now take place after 08.30h. The garbage will be collected by the same contractor that had won the tender in September.


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Ċensu Galea could just have asked his daughter this question and let the Prime Minister Gonzi tackle more difficult questions on national agenda and not on garbage collections, after all she is a Councilor on St. Paul's Local Council!

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