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Jury of 66 year old accused of importing a kilo of cocaine

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A 66 year old man from Ħamrun, but resident in St Julian’s is undergoing a trial by jury that started this morning accused of importing more than 1 kilo of cannabis and cocaine in January six years ago.

The kilo of cocaine and around 20 grams of cannabis were found hidden in two decorative candles that John Grima was carrying on a flight from Holland to Malta. The drugs were found late on January 24, 2006 during a search carried out by Customs officials and members of the Police at the Malta International Airport on passengers on the flight KM 395. The flight had landed at 22.50h.

John Grima is being accused of importing the drugs and of having in his possession cocaine and cannabis that were not for his personal consumption.

The Police Drug Squad, under the leadership of Inspector Norbert Ciappara, who since has been promoted to Superintendent, had long been observing the movement of a number of persons arriving in Malta on flights from Holland.

The Police were suspecting a Maltese who had just arrived on the flight and with the help of the Customs officials they stopped a person who was exiting from the ‘Blue Exit, the zone used by passengers arriving from one of the countries members of the European Union.

The man was asked to put his luggage in the scanning machine. The Customs officials started to suspect that there was something wrong the candles and asked to scan them separately.

The scan showed that there was something in the candles. A decision was taken to break the candles up and in one of them a 20 gram piece of cannabis. In the other candles the officials found sit pieces of cocaine that weighed around 1 kilo.

Dr Joe Brincat is appearing in defence of John Grima, The Prosecution is being led by Drs Lara Lanfranco and Elaine Mercieca.

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