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More illegal development in Għarb and San Lawrenz

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Ambjent Malti has received more reports that it had no knowledge of about other developments being made illegal by the same person carrying out unauthorised construction of a wall with limestone surrounding some land in the area of St Dimitri and on government property.

Ambjent Malti said that this the development was still in process in the quarry and in the photograph attached one can distinguished another development taking place within the same area.

The organization is urging for immediate action to be taken before considering any application and impose enforcement so that the area returns to its original and nature state.

Ambjent Malti said that from information gained the same developer has built another illegal structure in San Lawrenz. Proof of this is a  Stop and Enforcement notice with reference EC/00564/07. It went on to ask why MEPA or any other authorities had not taken any action.

The organisation said the area in question, that measures around 16,000 meters square, is being converted in a sheep farm and at the moment it hosts around 300 sheep. It said that the sheep’s milk is being sold on the market with the result that it may be infected and spread diseases. The developer, the organisation said, is now extending the development on a public road.

Ambjent Malti said that it had informed both MEPA and Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi, Minister Mario de Marco and Minister Joe Cassar about the case. It said it had got no replies and no action has been taken so far.


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