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ŻAK - The Courtyard Dialogues

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Last Tuesday three ŻAK members were present for a dialogue session with the Archbishop Mons. Pawlu Cremona together with Abigail Borg, Chris Ebejer and Gianluca Bezzina. The Courtyard Dialogues were organized by Kummisjoni Djocesana taż-Żagħżagħ (KDŻ) along with and Faith Alive. The four guests speakers shared their perspective about the meaning of life.

The archbishop recounted the moment when at the age of 18 he doubted the existence of God and how he surpassed these obstacles when he started believing that ‘ things didn’t create themselves but rather they were created by a creator, God’. He added that this was a turning point in his life, because he started believing that God must be the centre of his life, and since then he never questioned further.

Abigail Borg an experienced diver said that ‘there is a reason for every season’.  She is a firm believer that everything in life happens for a reason. She continued by saying that whatever one decides to do in life, God tests us, and although sometimes the  test may seem as a hardship, we should always keep in mind that that same test is a lesson that God wants to give us. She also added that one must always have a plan and know where one wants to go in life. For Abigail the future is important but not as much as the present moment.

Chris Ebejer an international artist starts of by saying that he finds the meaning of life in his art work, because it is what will remain in this world after he departs. His sense of creativity helped him to see beyond the bad circumstances and look at every circumstance in life with a positive outlook.

On the other hand, Gianluca Bezzina last year’s Eurovision winner and a doctor, when asked what is the meaning of life he said that at a young age he had a different perspective on what is the true meaning of life. He said if the meaning of life was having a good job, getting married and have kids, then the meaning of life would be useless. However there is more than that. For Gianluca, life is a preparation for the eternal life, and he feels that one should be satisfied with everything he does in life and be prepared to join God in eternal life, whenever he may call.

The next dialogue session will be held on Tuesday 6th May at Palazzo de la Salle -219 Republic Street Valleta, at 7.30PM. For more information visit

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