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“Benefits need to be given immediately even if budget is defeated” - Muscat

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Opposition leader Joseph Muscat said that a government led by him would give all benefits from January 1, even if the budget is defeated.

Muscat pointed out that as the government found ways to impose rises in fuel and other sectors, there shouldn’t be a problem to give compensation for the increase in the cost of living from the beginning of 2013.

He said that if the government tries to play the partisan game and does not give out the benefits immediately, a new government led by the Labour Party, would give out these benefits as of January 1, 2013.

Muscat stated that the Labour Party does not know what will happen when the budget is presented in parliament and “it is the responsibility of the government to see that the budget is accepted”.

In a statement published by the Nationalist Party with regards to Muscat’s speech, it said that “if Muscat wants that the family benefits from the budget, he should vote in favour of it”. It said that “he is placing his partisan interest ahead of that of the family.”

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