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€15 Bn Euro Deficit in EU28 Trade in Goods with Africa in 2013

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EU28 international trade in goods with Africa1 has grown in the last decade. EU28 exports to Africa increased steadily from 2002 to 2008, fell in 2009, and then recovered in the following years to reach a peak of 153 billion euro in 2013. Imports followed a similar trend, but peaked at 187 bn in 2012, and then fell to 168 bn in 2013. The EU28 deficit in trade with Africa, which reached a peak of 41 bn in 2008, amounted to 15 bn in 2013.

On the occasion of the fourth EU-Africa Summit, which takes place on 2 and 3 April 2014 in Brussels, Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union, issues data on trade in goods between the 28 Member States of the EU and 52 African countries.

Among the EU28 Member States, the largest exporters to Africa in 2013 were France (28 bn euro or 18% of EU28 exports), Germany (22 bn or 14%), Italy (20 bn or 13%) and Spain (16 bn or 11%). Spain (28 bn or 17% of EU28 imports), Italy (27 bn or 16%), France (26 bn or 16%), the United Kingdom (22 bn or 13%) and Germany (21 bn or 12%) were the largest importers. The largest deficits in 2013 were registered by Spain (-12 bn), the United Kingdom (-10 bn) and Italy (-7 bn), while Belgium3 (+5 bn), France, Romania and Sweden (all +2 bn) had the biggest surpluses.

Manufactured goods accounted for 70% of EU28 exports to Africa in 2013, while energy made up 64% of EU28 imports.

Among the African countries, South Africa (24 bn euro or 16% of EU28 exports to Africa) was the leading destination for EU28 exports in 2013, followed by Algeria (22 bn or 15%), Morocco (17 bn or 11%), Egypt (15 bn or 10%), Nigeria (12 bn or 8%) and Tunisia (11 bn or 7%). The leading source of EU28 imports from Africa was Algeria (32 bn or 19% of EU28 imports from Africa), followed by Nigeria (29 bn or 17%), Libya (23 bn or 14%), South Africa (16 bn or 9%) and Morocco (10 bn or 6%). The largest EU28 deficits in trade in 2013 were recorded with Nigeria (-17 bn), Libya (-15 bn), Algeria (-9 bn), Equatorial Guinea and Angola (both -3 bn), and the highest surpluses with South Africa (+9 bn), Morocco and Egypt (both +7 bn), Togo and Senegal (both +3 bn).

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