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€44,000 in penalties for ta’ Maggi Industrial Park

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The MEPA Board, yesterday, approved, with a number of conditions, an application by the developer of the Ta’ Maggi Industrial Park, to sanction a number of illegalities which were carried out within the development. These illegalities were all covered by enforcement notices. The Board came down heavily on the developer and the supervising periti for having carried out such illegalities and for not having applied for a permit before carrying such works. Such illegalities will cost the developer over €44,000 in penalties.

The Authority imposed a penalty of over €27,000 after the developer submitted a planning application to regularize a number of breaches which were not in accordance with the approved plans and permit granted in 2007. These breaches included the addition of 10 workshops and 36 parking spaces within the confines of the Park which is situated on the outskirts of Zabbar.   

The MEPA Board also forfeited €17,000, representing 20% of the bank guarantee that had been imposed in the 2007 permit related to landscaping works that had to be carried out on site and which are still outstanding. The Board gave the applicant a maximum of 6 months to carry out all the landscaping works, emphasizing the use of mature trees against a new and additional bank guarantee of €50,000. The landscaping works need to be carried out prior to the executable development permit being issued.

MEPA Chairman Perit Vincent Cassar said “the new set of regulations executable through legal notice LN277/12, has brought about a substantial change to the way MEPA implements its penalty system in its quest to dissuade and combat illegal development. A developer who sought to sanction a development breach carried out prior to November 2012 would have been penalized with a meager fine up to a maximum of €2300. Following the coming into force of LN 277/12 this fine can go up to as much as €50,000 if carried out in a protected area.” He added “the Board wants to make it clear that when planning conditions are imposed in development permits they need to be strictly abided to and within the agreed timeframes.”

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