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€5,000 collected from the procession auction in Mgarr

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The yearly traditional auction at Mgarr among those seeking the right to carry the statue of Sta Marija in procession raised the amount of €5,000 today – well below last year's total but similar to that of 2012. The auction last year raised €11,500.

Only two groups bid this year, with last year's winners not taking part.

Father Valentino Borg told the crowd that had amassed at the side of the Church that this tradition began in 1922, the same year the statue was brought to the church. The people who gathered in fromt of the church were told about its history.

The parish priest exphasised that people who did not bid would still be given the chance to carry the statue for some time during the procession this evening.

Mgarr has seen a rather controversial issue recently, with former Parish Priest Emmanuel Camilleri being removed from his position and replaced by Father Borg.

Leader of the winning group, Mario Mifsud, said that this change did not affect him, in fact he didn’t even realise that a change had occurred.

Asked about the low amount of groups bidding, he argued that this wasn’t the first time this happened and mentioned a time when nobody bid, resulting in the previous year’s winners carrying the statue.

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