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€814.5 million in social benefits in 2013

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During the year of 2013 the total cost of social benefits was that of €814.5 million. This means that there was a rise of €31.9 million when compared to the previous year.

A rise of €20 million during the past year were in contributory benefits while €11.9 million were not contributory.

The total cost in contributory benefits was €624.9 million, with a 3.3% rise when compared to the previous year. The rise was principally coming from the rise of numbers of retired pensioners and that of the pension of two-thirds. There was also a decrease in the pension of the widows, with a decrease of €1.9 million.

The total cost for non-contributory benefits was €189.5 million with a rise of 6.7% over the year of 2012. This showed a rise of €6.1 million in Social Assistance and a rise of €3.4 million in Children’s Allowance.

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