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1,337 students apply for SEC revision classes

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1,337 students have submitted 2,348 applications for the revision of the four main SEC subjects. These revision classes are being offered by the Ministry for Education and Employment through the initiative of the Youth Guarantee.

The Government stated that it has always believed in the Youth Guarantee Program, in which these hundreds of students shall be the first to benefit from it.

Revision classes shall take five weeks, starting on the 28th July.

Education Minister Evarist Bartolo stated that such an initiative proves that the Governments Youth Guarantee Scheme is leaving lots of benefits upon all students.

Hon. Evarist Bartolo congratulated all students sitting for their re-sits in September and wished them good luck for their future successes. 

The subjects chosen are:

Maltese – 500 applications

English – 692 applications

Maths – 770 applications

Physics – 386 applications

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