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2,000 Elective surgery cancellations in 2013

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A total of 2,001 elective surgery cancellations were recorded last year with the majority of cases being attributed to patients failing to attend for the surgery or a medical contraindication which forces the operation to be cancelled, the Minister for Health, Godfrey Farrugia, said.

The number of cancelled elective surgeries increased every year since 2011 with 1,560 operations cancelled in 2011 and 1,870 surgeries cancelled in 2012, Dr Farrugia added in reply to a parliamentary question by PN MP Claudio Grech.

Out of the 2,001 surgeries cancelled last year, 412 were gynaecology operations followed by 311 ophthalmology interventions and 307 cardiology procedure. Other interventions which were cancelled included 227 ENT and 223 general surgery.

The Minister added that other reasons for cancelled elective surgery include patients who refuse the operation, operations on the same list which would have waited more than expected, patients who no longer require the operation as their condition would have changed, urgent cases which require immediate surgery and cases were the patient would not be prepared for the operation.

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