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2,400 children benefit from free Childcare

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Around 2,400 children are using the Childcare free service which was lauched by the Government in April this year. The Labour Government explained how all the family is benefitting from this service, where it is providing women and men alike the opportunity to return to workforce.

This was one of the topics discussed during a visit by a delegation which was done by NL – Labour women for Minister Helena Dalli to prepare for the Conference with the theme "Women - Leaders Changing Society" on Friday 22 August. This conference will also be addressed by Zita Gurmai Women President of the Party of European Socialists which will be present in Malta these coming days.

Claudette Abela Baldacchino President of NL – Labour Women said that "while we have political and moral obligation to stage on top of the agenda of the needs of vulnerable women, we cannot forget the successful stories of women that with their own ability managed to build a business, made advancement in their career and even in politics"

Abela Baldacchino also said that “investing in young women particularly in the field of education is essential, but at the same time we must not forget those women who sacrificed their careers to take care of their elderly relatives ".

Minister Helena Dalli said that she is looking forward to the conference which is going to be organized by NL - Labour Women on Friday.

She added that the agenda of the government is to foster opportunities for women in every field. "The work being undertaken in various sectors, including education, health and even economic and social policy clearly shows how this Government is committed to the advancement of women".

The ratification of the convention of Istanbul that has just passed by the Maltese Parliament was also discussed.

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