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35 dead in Kenya bus crash

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At least 35 people have been killed and another 50 were wounded in a bus crash near the town of Mwingi town in eastern Kenya.

Witnesses alleged that the bus over-turned after the driver lost control with others claiming that the bus had mechanical issues even before it left for the trip.

Rescue services arrived on site around four hours after the accidents by which time a number of trapped people were already dead. The bus, which was claimed to be over crowded, was on its way to Mandera and Garissa along roads many of which are in a bad state.

The number of deaths is expected to increase due to the large number of grievously injured victims who are currently undergoing interventions in hospital. The majority of those on the bus were returning to their homes from the capital Nairobi, in time for Monday's election.

Kenya will be holding parliamentary and presidential elections on Monday.

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