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4000 immigrants rescued in Italy

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4,000 immigrants arrived in Italy in the past 48 hours. The Interior Minister of Italy, Angelino Alfano stated that this situation is an emergency which is getting worse. He also warned that it has been estimated that there are between 300,000 and 600,000 immigrants who are willing to leave to Europe from Libya and this has also been confirmed by commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom.

Two boats arrived on Wednesday morning in Italy with immigrants, one boat had 361 people while the other had 300. Only a day before, 1049 immigrants were saved during Monday and Tuesday. From the beginning of this year 15,000 immigrants in total have entered Italy.

Alfano has been reported that he had said that Italy is currently under severe pressure due to immigrants arriving from Libya, he stated that Europe has to face this situation seriously and that giving €80 million to Frontex does not solve the problem.

He added that since last October so far, the Italian law enforcement officials rescued more than 10,000 people while there are also people who are making profit by delivering immigrants to Europe.

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