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4,865 patients waited in corridors in 9 months

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A total of 4,865 patients had to wait on a stretcher in a corridor during the past nine months before being assigned a bed at Mater Dei Hospital, the Minister for Health, Godfrey Farrugia said in Parliament.

From information provided for the period May 2013 to February 11, 2014, last month was the worst case with 824 patients recorded as waiting in a corridor for a bed at Mater Dei Hospital. On a particular day, January 14, a total of 49 patients had to wait on a stretcher.

The statistics also shows that lack of beds at Mater Dei Hospital was also pronounced in May 2013 with 723 patients having to wait in corridors and in August as 664 persons had to wait on a stretcher before being assigned a bed. 

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