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7000 residents to benefit from electricity credits

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Over 7000 residents within 1.5 km of the Sant’Antnin plan will benefit from an amount of green electricity will be credited each year with the aim of combining the promotion of the use of renewable energy and good neighbourhood relations.

The Government has today launched the ‘Good Neighbourhood’ scheme through which over 3000 households in the Marsascala, Zabbar and Zejtun areas will receive a cheque to be redeemed to settle part of their next electricity bill or to credit their respective ARMS account.

The benefit, which has been established as 150 units per person registered at the address, is being limited to permanent private residences.

Renewable energy produced at the Sant’Antnin Plant is generated through the treatment of organic waste, whereby the waste undergoes a fermentation process in closed vessels which produces Biogas used to generate energy, in the form of both heat and electricity. While the electrical energy is fed into the national grid, the heat energy is being used as part of an important project which was undertaken by  WasteServ in collaboration with Inspire Foundation.

A Heat Transfer Project is being implemented between the Sant’Antnin Waste Treatment Plant and the neighbouring Inspire complex, through which project the renewable energy generated at the plant is transferred by convection to heat the Foundation’s indoor pool as well as preheat the domestic hot water calorifier. The project required the installation of a 2km pipeline and related gear including a Building Management System to control and monitor the heat transfer with a total investment of € 345,000.

Wasteserv Chairman Architect Ben Farrugia, said that he is delighted and proud that the Heat Transfer Project was recently selected by the European Commission to represent Malta in the campaign ‘A world you like, with a climate you like’. This campaign brings together 27 success stories in the field of climate change from each of the EU27 countries, so we are honoured to have been chosen as the Maltese contributor.”

The Sant’ Antnin Waste Treatment Plant represents an investment of € 27 million, €16.7 million of which were eligible for funding from the EU Cohesion Fund. The first part of the plant, the Material Recovery Facility (MRF), started operating in February 2008 with the second phase, the Mechanical Biological Treatment Plant (MBT Plant) inaugurated in November 2010. Between January and October 2012, over 400 containers of recyclable waste were sorted at the MRF and sold for export while more than 88,000 tonnes of waste have been treated at the MBT Plant since it became operational in 2010.

An Open Day at the Sant’Antnin is being organised on Sunday 25 between 10:00h and 16:30h during whch the public can visit this plant.

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