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7,789 unemployed in January

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The number of persons registering for work with the Employment and Training Corporation (ETC) in January stood at 7,789, compared to 7,237 in the corresponding month last year.

Data provided by the Employment and Training Corporation (ETC) for January indicates an increase of 646 persons registering under Part 1 and a decline of 94 among those registering under Part 2 of the unemployment register, when compared to the corresponding month last year.

The number of registrants aged 45 and over went up by 6.7 per cent, to 3,183. Increases were recorded among all age-groups.

When compared to January 2013, an increase of 592 persons was recorded among those who had been registering for more than one year. On the other hand, the number of persons who had been registered unemployed for less than 21 weeks declined by 36. The number of disabled persons registering for work amounted to 547, decreasing by 0.7 per cent over 2013, of whom 83.2 per cent were males.

The largest share of men on the register sought occupations as crafts and related trade workers, whereas women mostly sought occupations classified as technicians and associate professionals.

Excluding part-time employment (refer to methodological notes), the registered unemployment rate during the month under review stood at 4.6 per cent of the labour supply, and varied from 5.3 per cent among men to 3.3 per cent among women.

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