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Adult Learning Courses 2014/15 launched

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The Minister for Education and Employment, Evarist Bartolo, this morning visited the Lifelong Learning stand in Republic Street during the launch of the 2014/15 schedule of the adult learning courses.

Last year, over 13,000 individuals attended a huge variety of classes ranging from learning a language to piano lessons. The Minister remarked on the huge success in last year’s courses and the very good feedback he received from participants. He encouraged those who never attended these courses to take up a class, and for those who have attended one in the past to take up the subject at a higher level.

He said the continuous development of the individual on a personal basis is of huge importance for society, and that education and the skills-building are indeed a lifelong ambition and not just for the young.

During this scholastic year, around 110 subjects are available at different levels across seven Adult Learning Centres, 40 Local Council  and 17 NGO and Community Centres.

For full list of courses please visit:

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