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Alfred Sant: "Trust those who said the truth about the EU"

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Former Prime Minister Alfred Sant said that in the forthcoming EP elections, the Maltese and Gozitans should make sure that they trust that political party which always said the truth about Europe.

This is becoming more and more important because in the coming months and years  at all levels of the European insitituions, decisions will be taken which will affect the future of our families in Malta and Gozo. The Maltese electorate should vote to all  PL candidates on May 24. Alfred Sant, contesting the EP elections, was speaking during a social activity organised by the friends of Minister Joe Mizzi.

Alfred Sant praised the initiatives and performance of Minister Joe Mizzi, an old friend of his, in the new Labour government. He said said that people should support the Labour Government which is effecting significant reforms that need time to be implemented and bear fruit. Maltese and Gozitan families, Sant said, will benefit financially due to the lower tariffs for electricity and water which in turn will also benefit Maltese businesses because families will have more spending power.

Dr. Sant criticisied the negative attitude of the PN who, he said, has still not yet realised that it is now in opposition.

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