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ALPA declares Air Malta dispute

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The Airline Pilots Association (ALPA) have confirmed that a dispute has been registered with Air Malta regarding the new training rooms at SkyParks and the briefing room relocation.

It was earlier said that ALPA, the union representing Air Malta pilots, has registered an industrial dispute with the airline claiming that the new training facilities situated in Air Malta's new offices are not up to standard.

A statement released by ALPA read; “What Air Malta has conveniently not mentioned is that these training rooms are located at SkyParks’ Level 0, which effectively is situated below ground level. These rooms are completely bereft of any natural ventilation or window. Since crews will be required to spend up to 7 hours daily in these rooms during courses, ALPA has requested that an Air Quality Report be carried out to assess the air quality in these rooms”.

AirMalta earlier today said that ALPA  was unwilling to Work Constructively with Air Malta, barely three months after concluding a new Collective Agreement.

Regarding the relocation of the briefing room, ALPA have stated that after an onsite inspection of the room in question, it has been deemed that this room is inadequate and too small to cater for crews’ briefing needs.

This dispute arose soon after Air Malta inaugurated its new head office this week in the award winning SkyParks Business Centre. Air Malta has now challenged the union executive committee’s claims and invites ALPA to provide proof to support its claims. 

Air Malta stated that it cannot understand the motivations behind the union executive committee’s actions especially since in the past months certain members of this committee embarked on a campaign stating that not enough was being done by the Company to reduce costs. Yet, when concrete action is taken, ALPA is the first one to object to any changes being done.  

The airline notes that the union executive committee shows a particular inability to work constructively with management defined by general opposition to anything that disturbs the status quo. 

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