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Alternattiva calls for end to hunting illegalities

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In a press conference in Pieta’, Alternattiva Demokratika - The Green Party said that hunting illegalities should end. AD said its electoral manifesto will give prominence to this issue.

Michael Briguglio, AD Chairperson, said: “Animal welfare legislation should also apply to hunting, since this also amounts to another form of animal cruelty. Spring hunting should be prohibited once and for all, in line with EU legislation. Our electoral manifesto will have this written down black on white. Unlike other political parties we are not trying to please the hunting lobby with untenable promises.”

“We also oppose trespassing into third party property by hunters. This proposal will prevent such abuses including illegal hunting which is a widespread occurrence in our country.”

Simon Galea, AD spokesperson for animal welfare and agriculture, said: "One of the requisites for issuing both rabbit hunting and bird trapping licences is proof of ownership or approval by owner for use of land where such activities are to be held. Unfortunately this condition does not exist for bird hunting licences. As a result a number of bird hunters trespass into third party property, thus provoking conflicts and unnecessary incidents. AD –The Green Party urges the Government to extend such a requisite for bird hunting licences too. Any hunter caught hunting outside indicated grounds will make him or her liable to fines. This measure will also serve as a monitoring tool for enforcement agencies in their fight against illegal hunting.”

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