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Arriva Future Decided

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After the official confirmation that Arriva will leave Malta, Maritime and Aviation Section of the GWU announces that it will be meet with the Minister concerned tomorrow Monday 23 December 2013.

In this meeting the GWU will be stressing that all workers employed with Arriva remain in employment whoever the operator will enter responsibility for our country’s Public Transport.

While the Section greets all those workers that will continue doing their utmost so the service will remain being given to the fullest possible in these difficult circumstances, makes it also clear that the GWU as the workers Union and the one that represents the absolute majority of workers, is doing its best and will continue working to assure peace of mind.

 Meanwhile , the Secretary of the Section , Jeremy J Camilleri called for unity between workers now more than ever , and this so the GWU is in a better position to bring them the best results possible in the circumstances .


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