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Arriva reiterates commitment as GRTU brands it a 'disaster'

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The GRTU today branded Arriva a disaster and requested government to take action since its bad management goes beyond reasonable comprehension.

In a circular to members, GRTU said that it had backed the reform of the public transport system since the previous service was not only archaic but beyond reform. GRTU did its best to cooperate with Arriva believing that a better and more modern transport system could ease the tremendous traffic problems that Malta is facing, resolve the ever increasing environmental hazard of excessive emissions and, more especially in the case of our members, better means to connect to commercial centres and thus facilitate increased business.

“One year later, the problems that were there, and that all of us optimists believed to be temporary, have now not only become permanent but the delays and inefficient service have actually increased. Adding to the burdens that commuters are suffering on a day to day basis because of Arriva that had started relatively more customer friendly than the previous regime, Arriva has now become increasingly arrogant. Hardly a day passes that the GRTU does not receive complaints and stories of incredible misbehaviour by Arriva personnel,” the GRTU said.

“Arriva gives the impression that they simply do not care. It is obvious that Arriva is incapable of resolving its own problems. Its bad management goes beyond any reasonable comprehension. It is now up to government to take action. Malta deserves much better.”


Arriva committed to commuters

Arriva remains committed to provide all commuters public transport services of the highest quality, the company replied to the GRTU criticism.

Arriva offers the most extensive bus service that was ever available on the Maltese Islands, with services that cover in excess of 73,000 kilometres every week, operating night services, buses schedules that run almost 24 hours, environmental-friendly buses and the resources of an international group that has enabled it to face all challenges it has encountered and continuously develop its operations.

Replying to some statements in the media, Arriva’s Interim Managing Director Dave Kaye said: “We are working and will continue working to reach the standards that both our commuters and us as company, expect. We have and will collaborate with anybody who shares these same objectives.”

“Indeed, as it has proved time and time again since it started operations in our country, Arriva reiterates its willingness and availability to sit at the discussions table and collaborate with any entity and/or individual who shares the same objectives of delivering commuters in Malta an ever-improving bus service. As a matter of fact, while I was never contacted by the GRTU, I am more than willing to meet them and extend an invitation for them and us to collaborate and work together.”

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