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Award for Power Purchase and Gas Supply Agreement

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Energy price is in line with Government targets and expectations.

On Sunday 13 October, Enemalta Corporation announced that ElectroGas Malta Consortium is the preferred bidder shortlisted in the competitive process for the gas supply agreement and a power purchase agreement required for Enemalta to achieve a diversified mix of cleaner, low cost energy supply in Malta.

On the 4th December 2013 Enemalta Corporation issued the Award Notice for the Power Purchase Agreement and Gas Supply Agreement. The Notice of Award resolved that the offer submitted by ElectroGas Malta Consortium is recommended for award.

ElectroGas Malta Consortium obtained an overall score of 92.2 points, with 12.2 points being awarded for additional criteria and 80 points being awarded for the financial offer. 

ElectroGas Malta Consortium submitted a Final Blended Price of € 95.99 per MW which equates to 9.599 Euro Cents per KW. The Award price is in line with Government targets and expectations and will enable the reduction in electricity tariffs.

The ElectroGas Malta Consortium comprises Siemens Project Ventures GMBH, SOCAR Trading SA, Gasol Plc and GEM Holdings Ltd.

The Notice of Award is an important milestone which forms an integral part of Government’s roadmap for the Energy sector.


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