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Bendy bus fire probably caused by electrical fault

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A magisterial inquiry has concluded that the fire which destroyed a bendy bus in Marsa was probably caused by short-circuit in the electrical system.

The inquiry on the bendy bus which caught fire in front of Maltapost office in August last year practically rules out arson and points to various factors which could have led to short-circuit the vehicles’ batteries. At least two other bendy buses caught fire in the span of a short time and the Minister for Transport had ordered the suspension of all bendy buses from the public transport service.

The magisterial inquiry found that the bendy bus, which had travelled over 500,000km, had most probably sustained short-circuit damage to one of the terminals in the battery indicating that an electric fault was the cause which ignited the fierce fire.

In this particular incident, the bendy bus had travelled from Cospicua to Marsa and parked for two hours, thus ruling out overheating. Moreover, it had broken down 45 minutes before the fire engulfed the vehicle. This indicated that fuel or hydraulic oil could be eliminated as fire igniters.

The inquiry also indicated fatigue to the wires travelling along the length of the 18 metre vehicle and this could have been caused by the constant bends and bumps which characterise Maltese roads.

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