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Bendy buses to stay off the road

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The Arriva bendy-buses will remain off Malta’s roads for the time being, Transport and Infrastructure minister Joe Mizzi said.

In a statement, the Transport Ministry said that Arriva has been given 48 hours to reply.

Following a technical report on the bendy buses, Mr Mizzi announced that the use of the buses would be suspended pending a Magisterial inquiry.

The conclusions of the technical report have not been disclosed.

During a morning meeting with Arriva representatives, the Minister passed on the report to the bus company. Flanked by Transport Malta Chairman James Piscopo, the Minister discussed the matter and highlighted that the passenger’s safety is the main concern.

Minister Mizzi had previously claimed that he would be prepared to take tough decisions on the use of the articulated buses.

A total of 68 bendy-buses were withdrawn after three caught fire in as many days prompting widespread criticism from unions and commuters alike. The buses, which serve approximately a third of all the routes, have been temporarily replaced by coaches of the unscheduled bus service.

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat last week insisted that prior to their return, the buses had to be declared safe by an independent institution.

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