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Beneficieris of Istrina announced

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The list of beneficieris of Istrina for this year has been announced. Istrina will take place on December 26, with several charitable events taking place leading up to the date.

The Beneficieries are:
1. Angela House
2. Augustinian Sisters (UK)
3. Caritas
4. Ċentru Pastorali Ragħaj it-Tajjeb
5. Cresch Ursoline Sisters (Sliema)
6. Dar Pirotta
7. Dar tal-Providenza
8. Emergency Fire and Rescue Unit
9. Emergency Response and Rescue Corps
10. Fondazzjoni mid-Dlam għad-Dawl
11. Fondazzjoni Arka
12. Fondazzjoni Kenn u Tama
13. Fondazzjoni Wens
14. Foundation for Respite Care Services (Dar il-Kaptan)
15. Home Start Malta
16. Inspire
17. Living Ability not Disability (LAND)
18. Makiungu Hospital in Tanzania
19. Malta Red Cross Society
20. Malta Society of the Blind
21. Mental Health Association (Malta)
22. Millenium Chapel Foundation
23. Mission Fund Malta
24. Multiple Sclerosis Society
25. Oratorju Don Bosco
26. Richmond Foundation
27. S.T.A.R.S (Shock, Trauma, Acceptance, Reality, Situations)
28. Franciscan Sisters of the Heart of Jesus (UK)
29. St Jeanne Antide Foundation
30. St John Ambulance (Malta)
31. Stroke Support Malta
32. The Malta Hospice Movement
33. Yi Xue Life Cultivation Malta Association
34. YMCA Homeless
35. NGOs taking care of animal welfare

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