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Board of inquiry to investigate San Gwann ceiling collapse appointed

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A board of inquiry has been appointed to investigate into the ceiling collapse at the San Gwann council offices, Parliamentary Secretary for Local Council Jose Herrera announced.

The inquiry will also be tasked to investigate how the premises were bought. The local council, originally a home, was bought back in 2000, suffered structural damage to its ceiling a few days ago. Fortunately no one was injured as the offices were closed at that time.

Following a visit by Dr Herrera it transpired that the premises has serious structural damage and is in disrepair. The local council subsequently continued its work from outside its offices due to safety issues.

During the Parliamentary Secretary’s visit, the San Gwann mayor and members held that a portion of the funds were being spent on the upkeep of the premises rather than being spent on projects in the area.

Chaired by Dr Joe Mifsud, the inquiry also includes Senior Monitoring Officer Chris Galea and audit firm Grant Thornton. The audit firm has already audited the financial books of various local councils, including those of San Gwann.
A preliminary report is set to be presented by the end of September.

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