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Body of mountaineer missing since 1982 finally found

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The body of an aspiring mountain guide Patrice Hyvert, 23, was recovered by mountaineers after having disappeared in 1982 on the French face of Europe’s highest mountain.

The man, who disappeared 32 years ago, was attempting to climb one of its main peaks when it is thought that he fell to his death due to lack of visibility and was then swallowed up by a crevasse.

It was only now, 32 years later that hikers who were scaling Mont Blanc found the body of the man.
Many mountaineers disappear due to bad weather while climbing mountains, only when the glaciers slowly progress and the snow melts that the bodies are recovered and found elsewhere.

It is believed that 23-year old Patrice was training to become a guide and at the time was attempting a solo ascent of the Aiguille Verte Peak which is around 13,500ft high however he was faced with very bad weather conditions.

His body was immediately identified, where now his family can finally mourn his death.

Meanwhile two French mountaineers are still missing after being reported missing since last Sunday. Both are currently missing on Les Courtes on the French side of Mont Blanc after having issued a call for help while in bad weather.

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