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Caqnu's Hal Farrug estate sealed off by MEPA

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Part of Polidano's estate adjacent to the Poligas facility at Hal Farrug was sealed off by MEPA this morning.

Enforcement officers from the Malta Environment and Planning Authority (MEPA), accompanied by police officers, early this morning turned up at the Polidano Estates at Hal Farrug to carry out a direct action on a site which has allegedly been developed illegally and is being used as a dumping area for scrapped cars and metal. The heaps of metal are detrimental to the surrounding environment and are also creating an eyesore .

Sources told that the MEPA officers will be sealing off at least two entrances to the area with the use of concrete blocks to stop further access to the site. The wire cables holding down the blocks bear the MEPA anti tampering seals.

The site being sealed off is in the area close to the fireworks factory that belongs to Ta' l-Istilla band club of Luqa. The area has been subject to controversy due to its vicinity to the fireworks factory. Moreover, in the late 90's Polidano Group had been accused of bulldozing a number of Carob trees and was taken to court by the Planning Authority.

Despite a number of stop notices, the area had been sanctioned by MEPA after an appeal by Polidano Group.

The Prime Minister inaugurated the project in 2004 after Polidano Group invested an estimated €7million.

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