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Child supplement for 22,000 children

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The Social Solidarity Minister, Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, today launched the introduction of a Child Supplement which will start in September and aimed at 22,000 children who are in the risk of poverty.

“This benefit is not related to children’s allowance but it will be linked to a number of conditions that have to be met before couples or single parents can benefit from the supplement,” Minister Coleiro said.

The supplement will be paid to parents who earn less than €11,000 a year or single parents who earn less than €9,000. The supplement will be tied to school attendance, regular medical check-ups and the child’s participation in sport and cultural activities.

In case the conditions are not met, the supplement will be deposited in a bank account on the child’s name and would be available only for education and training.

For the first three children, the allowance will be of €400 a year while the supplement for every subsequent child will be of €200.

Parents do not need to register for the supplement as the government has the necessary information through the children’s allowance.

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