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Citizenship scheme changes proved us right – PN

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The Opposition said this evening that the agreement reached between the government and the European Commission proved that the Nationalist Party was right on the issue from the outset.

Opposition leader, Simon Busuttil, said that he was reserving his final position on the scheme once the full details of the amended scheme were published since there was a marked difference between what the Prime Minister said this evening and what the European Commission stated.

The government had to bow to the pressure of the European Union after ignoring the Nationalist Party and the Maltese citizens, Dr Busuttil said. “A lot of harm to the country could have been avoided had the government listened to the Opposition and included a genuine residency requirement between the country and citizenship. This is the third time that the scheme has been changed and shows the government’s incompetency,” Dr Busuttil added.

“The government heeded only Henley and Partners whose only interest was to make a profit of €200 million,” Dr Busuttil added.

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The PN should stop from continuing to twist facts and statements as it did regarding the Malta Gov./ EU agreement. As stated many times the PN in principle was absolutely against the Individual Investment Programme. And so the mentioned agreement is a great political blow not only to the Opposition Leader Simon Busuttil. But also to the PN Opposition, its MEPs and also for the PN supporters.

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