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Court rejects PN's plea for vote recounts

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The Constitutional Court has turned down applications by the Nationalist Party for recounts on Districts 8 and 13, meaning that PL will retain its majority in the two districts.

Court President Silvio Camilleri and Judges Giannino Caruana Demajo and Noel Cuschieri said there is no need for recounts to be made again because both injured parties, Claudette Buttigieg on District 8 and Frederick Azzopardi on District 13 will still be MP’s in the next Parliament as they are two of the four PN representatives added to the Opposition’s side according to law.

The Court said that there is no difference between originally elected MP’s or MP’s through a parliamentary passport granted by legal amendments that ensure proportional representation. This decision will lead to a legislature with a Parliament made of 69 members.

The Court said that while it is true that the Electoral Commission made mistakes in both district, due to the urgency of calling Parliament to session compounded by the fact that none of the candidates in question will suffer, then the applications should be turned down.

On District 8 the elected PL candidates are Chris Cardona, Edward Zammit Lewis and Edward Scicluna, whilst for PN candidates Beppe Fenech Adami and Tonio Fenech were elected.

District 13 saw Anton Refalo, Franco Mercieca and Justyne Caruana being elected for PL and Giovanna Debono and Chris Said elected on the PN side.

Lawyers John Bonello and Therese Commodini Cachia appeared for the Nationalist Party candidates while Professor Ian Refalo appeared for the electoral commission.

Dr. Paul Lia appeared as defence for Labour candidate and confirmed MP, Justine Caruana.

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