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Cruise passenger traffic dips 14.1%

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Cruise passenger traffic in July stood at 67,195, down by 14.1% over 2011. 25 cruise liners called in Malta last month, carrying an average of 2,688 passengers per vessel.

Cruise passengers in transit numbered 50,058, while those embarking from or landing in Malta amounted to 8,581 and 8,556, respectively. Cruise passengers in transit decreased by 15.2%, while the remaining passengers dropped by nearly 12% when compared to 2011 levels.

Most cruise passengers fell in the 40 to 59 age group (25,253) and were followed by passengers aged under 20 (16,540). On a gender basis, female passengers surpassed males and accounted for 51.4% of total.

The majority of cruise passengers came from EU member states and totalled 53,834, albeit a drop of 13.2% over last year. With 20,221 passengers, the German market remained the strongest and was followed by the Italian market with 11,012 cruise passengers.

Cruise passengers from non-EU countries stood at 13,361, down by 17.7% when compared to last year. This was mainly brought about by a substantial decline of 46.4% in the American market.

The total number of cruise passengers in the first seven months of 2012 amounted to 294,548, up by 5.2% when compared to the previous year. Cruise passengers from EU member states numbered 240,289, or 81.6% of the total. Most of the passengers either came from Germany (86,586) or from Italy (47,859). Visitors from non-EU countries numbered 54,259, a drop of 18.9% when compared to 2011. Female passengers amounted to 152,091, while the number of male passengers stood at 142,457.

In the first seven months of this year, 2,144 cruise passengers also visited Gozo, 1,819 more than last year. In all, there were 150 cruiseliner calls, seven more than the corresponding period in 2011. On average, these vessels carried 1,964 passengers each.

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