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Dalli report not commissioned by government

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The report penned by John Dallli on Mater Dei Hospital was not commissioned by the government but an initiative of Mr Dalli himself who suggested that a report and the government acceded, the Minister of Health said today.

Minister Godfrey Farrugia added that the report did not reflect the government’s position but reflected Mr Dalli’s. The government did not have a position on the report and would take a position after a working group analyse the findings of Mr Dalli’s report.

Following the harsh reaction by the MUMN this morning, Dr Farrugia said that the union would be invited to participate in a working group since the government had no intention of confronting any trade union. The Minister also said that he was working on a solution to the cancellation of operations.

Two committees will be set up to investigate the claims made by John Dalli in his report and the outcome would be handed to the Attorney General, the Auditor General and the Police for further investigation.

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