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The Death of Print

Article By:
Kevin Schembri Orland

Newsweek, an 80-year-old current affairs magazine based in the USA, has released the image that will be on the cover of its final printed issue.

Falling advertising revenues caused the magazine to eliminate its printed issue and move to a purely online format, with Editor Tina Brown describing the move as  "a new chapter" for the magazine.

In an editor's letter, she wrote: "This is not a conventional magazine, or a hidebound place. It is in that spirit that we're making our latest, momentous change, embracing a digital medium that all our competitors will one day need to embrace with the same fervor. We are ahead of the curve."

Ms. Brown was made editor of Newsweek two years ago, after merging with The Daily Beast, a news site she co-founded back in 2008.

The first edition of Newsweek was published in February 17, 1933. Although always taking second place to its rival, Time magazine, at its height Newsweek had a circulation of 3 million readers.

Readership across the print medium, particularly in the UK is on the decline as people find it easier to read online. This is becoming a particular problem for the Newspaper medium in the UK.

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