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A DOG’S LIFE: Kiki’s Story

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My name is Kiki and I’m kind of famous where I live at the SPCA Homing Centre in Floriana. Why?

Let me tell you all about it.  I was brought to the home when I was a tiny little scrap of a thing.  Not even one year old and I’m 11 now.  I have been here so long I am part of the furniture …  I am a wire haired cross terrier and my claim to fame is I have been here the longest.

They call me ‘Our Kiki’ and that is nice.  I love them all to bits.  There is Miriam and Mary.  Carol and Julia, Larry and June and lots more people who care and look after me.  I consider myself lucky to be here.

Over the years I have seen hundreds of dogs and cats come and go.  More than I care to remember.  They call me the Grandmother of them all.  Not long ago I used to be the Mother, but we all have to get old, don’t we.

I love being Grandma to all these poor young things desperate to find love and affection in homes of their own.  They all have sad stories to tell and when they first come they are sad, scared and nervous.  Poor little things.  That’s where I come in.  I always take time to greet the new ones with a smile and a waggy tail.  They need a friendly face and a shoulder to cry on and that is me.

I could tell you some stories.  As a matter of fact, we have one young girl here now who needed lots of love when she first got here. She is one of my favourites and her name is Jessie.  But I’ll tell you about her next time.  It’s time for my walk and I love my walks.
Woofs and licks,


If you would like to adopt a dog or a cat, contact Miriam at SPCA Homing Centre, St Francis Ravelin St, Floriana Tel:  21234431/21230468. If you are interested in volunteering or would like to sponsor a dog or cat or make a donation please email

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