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A DOG'S LIFE: Kiki's Calendar

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Greetings Friends

You will be happy to know my latest Grandchildren are doing well and I have been able to get some sleep this week.

I have some exciting news for you, my calendar is finally out in the shops!  What a work of art it is with all the beautiful paintings by Debbie Caruana Dingli. I already have one adorning my wall.  Of course the best, most beautiful and colourful image of them all is my photo with my good friend Anton.

My other friends look pretty good too.  You must buy one.  They are on sale here at the SPCA Homing Centre and at our shop Paws 4 A Cause (I love that name) in Sliema.  I have also noticed when browsing the net that you can even buy them on our Facebook page, that’s clever!

Talking of browsing the net I had great fun last night on Ebark looking for little Christmas presents to give all my friends here at the Centre.  Maybe you could help me?  I so want to give them all a little token of my affection and need some good ideas. I keep dropping hints to Miriam that I would like a diamond collar and a silver bowl but she doesn’t seem to hear me, strange that.  She says my bowl is already silver, but that’s not quite what I meant. 

I will have to write to Santa instead.  The trouble is I am still having difficulty mastering using a pen.  Maybe some of my younger fans out there might be able to help writing it?  As well as the diamond collar and silver bowl I would love a big box of doggie chocolates Mmmmm my favorites.  Santa if you can hear me pleeeease…..

Well the yapping from the nursery tells me my little darlings are wanting grandma to tell them a story so back to work.  A doggies work is never done!

Speak soon!

Woofs and licks


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