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Dolores Cristina attends EU conference

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Minister for Education and Work Dolores Cristina today attended a meeting of the Education, Youth, Culture and Sport Council in Brussels.

The EU Ministers discussed investment in education as well as the need for Europe to further invest in Europe’s economy.

The Ministers agreed to continue to facilitate the transition from education to the workplace by increasing investment and improving on the amount of students who continue into tertiary education.

Minister Cristina emphasised how despite the economic crisit, the Maltese Government heavily invested in education. She stated that.

how despite the international economic crisis the Maltese Government has invested heavily in the areas of education and training and today, although the unemployment rates in several countries in the EU are very high, Malta is pushing on. She mentioned a number of schemes which helpes students find jobs, such as the apprenticeship scheme which has seen 70% of participants hired by their respective company.

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