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easyJet to bring in allocated seating on all flights

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After trialling allocated seating since April, easyJet is to roll it out across its network as from November, 2012.

Research among the 800,000 passengers who have tried the new system shows that 70% of them prefer it to easyJet’s current system due to the improved boarding experience. 60% said that as a result, they are more likely to use the low-cost airline in the future.

Chief Executive of easyJet, Carolyn McCall, commented, “Allocated seating gives all our passengers a better boarding experience and offers the choice of selecting a seat to those who want to.  On trial flights the majority of passengers were simply allocated seats when they checked in.  Some passengers chose particular seats with bestselling seats usually those near the front, for those who wish to get off the aircraft quickly at their destinations, and exit row seats with their extra legroom.”

easyJet said it trialled allocated seating during the summer season, the airline’s busiest time, to stress test the new systems and procedures. It rolled out the new system in winter, on the other hand, to ensure a smooth transition.

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