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Education translates to a democratically inclusive society - PL

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Christian Mangion

The second discussion, leading to the proposal of policy guidelines or the PL's electoral program discussed the future of education.

Books have been replaced by computers and although these provide a wider reach to knowledge they also restrict the children's creativity, a member held.

A much debated issue was the closing down of trade schools leading to a gap in traditional trades and also the lack of resources particularly in the schools and colleges in the south of the island.

There were students who attended trade schools, who were academically challenged however eventually they became engineers and top dogs in their trade. These students have now been abandoned with the government's policy of closing down the trade institutes and opening of a single option which is MCAST.

An innovative aspect of the new PL under the leadership of Joseph Muscat is the acknowledgment by the opposition of the progress brought about by the PN government, a member of the public said, 'it is a dose of pure oxygen to our society'.

The new college system is resulting in stereotyping from the first time students attend school until he or she remains in the same geographic area, a member of the public held. A further issue is the lack of accountability in scenarios like when students were examined on the syllabus of the year before.

The discussion about the future of education was wrapped by PL Executive President Stefan Azzopardi Zrinzo who held that a more educated society will be at the base of a more democratically inclusive society.

For the PL, education does not stop at academic level but has the aim of creating better individuals which in turn leads to a more successful society.

Graduations and other celebrations of success should not be used to cover up other failures in the educational structure, and a new government should increase its effort to curb the issue where children are not sent to school for different issues, the PL President said.

Parents should be the first educators for children and instill in children the need to read and the government together with private and church schools shall promote a more holistic approach to a better level of education including life long learning, he held.

The policy guideline proposed for the PL's electoral program was more youths who successfully pursue their studies. The vote by show of hands unanimously approved the guideline proposed.

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