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EP Elections 2014: Citizens’ debate with MEP candidates

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On March 22, 2014, the Europe Direct Information Center, EDIC Central Region (hosted by the Local Government Association) organized a Citizens’ debate with MEP candidates. The event was organized in cooperation with the European Parliament Office in Malta, as part of their campaign for the EP elections in May and was held in Osborne hotel in Valletta.

The title of the event was “How Europe can improve my life” and was addressed by Dr Peter Agius, Head of the EP in Malta and moderated by Dr Andrew Azzopardi, Senior Lecturer, Youth and Community Studies, UoM.

Eight MEP candidates, representing all political parties participated into the debate; Prof. Perit Lino Bianco, Dr. Helga Ellul, Dr. Alfred Sant, Dr. Miriam Dalli, Kevin Plumpton, Proff. Arnold Cassola, Antoine Galea and Norman Lowell.

Citizens’ raised various questions which were addressed to all the candidates present in order to get their different perspectives and visions on each of the questions. Among the most interesting and “hot” topics discussed were those of the possible Turkish membership into the EU, freedom of movement in the EU, human rights, illegal immigration, active aging and pension system in Malta.

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